More Pandas

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More Pandas!





Im so pleased to introduce you to my latest panda bear Millie.  

Millie is a wee panda bear standing at 8" tall and he has been created out of ahand dyed pink and black alpaca with  wool felt paw pads.

She peers through big German glass eyes with white wool felt tucked behind them and she has a hand stitched and waxed nose and mouth. I have needle sculpted her facial features to give her a sweet smile.

She has been stuffed with excelsior and steel shot for a nice huggable feeling.

I have completed Millie's look with a simple pink sash accented with vintage millinery flowers.

** I Have Been Adopted **


I am so excited so introduce you to Er-Lian (meaning "two faces" in Chinese). Er-Lian has been a vision in my head for a long time and I finally got up the courage to make this very unique and unusal bear! Er-Lian is a 17" CENTERSEAM bear that has been  created out of a beautiful black and off white Schulte mohair with wool felt paw pads. He peers through German glass eyes and has a hand stitched nose and mouth on his "goofy" side and a hand sculpted fimo nose on his "serious" side. I have airbrushed his eyepatches as well as highlighted his facial features. His goofy side has rosey red cheeks and hand painted whites under his eyes, as well as a grin from ear to ear! I have completed his look with a handmade wool felt hat that is black on one side and if you turn it around, it is pink, green and yellow with flowers and buttons on the other side. I have given him an antique collar that has a big black bow on one side, so you can have a serious bear, or if you prefer a more goofy bear, I have added wool felt flower with big button centers to the back side. His outfit is interchangable and I have added several photos to his auction to show you his many faces


It gives me great pleasure to introduce you to my latest panda, Sheng-Dan, meaning Christmas in Chinese. Sheng-Dan is a 24" free standing panda made of a wonderful sand and black English mohair with wool felt paw pads. All of his limbs have been wired so he can hold his toys and be posed in a variety of positions. Sheng-Dan peers through antique shoebutton eyes with blue and white wool felt tucked behind them and finshed with a "twinkle" in his eyes. He has a hand stitched nose and mouth with needle sculpted jowls to add lots of character and charm to this handsome fella! I have accented his facial features with some subtle airbrushing. He is fully jointed with hardboard discs and locknuts and has been stuffed with a combination of poly-fil and pellets, making him very huggable. I have completed his look with a darling vintage army green colored velvet suit and I was lucky enough to find a matching velvet hat! He is also wearing a vintage childs undershirt and leather shoes with white anklet socks. I have given him an aged bow around his neck. He has a 1918 Red Cross button on his chest with holly leaves around the edges. He will come holding his very own gingerbread man, as well as a horn he wears proudly upon his back and a rag Christmas tree made of homespun green and burgundy checkered fabric tied onto an antique spool. It has a wool felt star on top with the word "Peace" stitched in red. Sheng-Dan will also include his very special antique panda pull toy! This is the neatest pull toy I have ever seen. It is 5" long and 4" tall and quite heavy. It has been well loved, but that just adds to the wonderful patina! This is a ONE OF A KIND SET!!