Unique Creations

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Unique Creations

Here are a few of my creations!


 Tribute is a hand painted 18" bear made to honor all those lost on 9-11.

He has been adopted



It has been a long time since I have made a well loved tattered teddy, and Im so pleased to introduce you to Kirby!

Kirby is a sweet ol' boy who stands 18" tall. He has been created out of a hand dyed "no-hair" mohair that I dyed before creating him, so he has "stain" spots in random places. He peers through antique shoe button eyes that have I have accented with brown highlights. His nose and mouth has hand stitched and distressed, then I have lightly waxed them.

Kirby is fully jointed with hardboard discs and locknuts and has been understuffed with a combination of excelsior and pellets for added weight and huggablity. I have given him a "hole" in his belly with excelsior poking out and brown "stitches" to appear as though Grandma tried to mend him.

I have completed his look with a light aqua colored bow that I have stained and distressed to match his tattered appearance.




This is Cypress and he is as cute as can be! He is ready for the holiday season with his wool felt Christmas tree attire.

Cypress is 8" tall and he has been created out of a dark brown alpaca with  wool felt paw pads.

He peers through German glass eyes with white wool felt tucked behind them and he has a hand stitched and waxed nose and mouth. I have needle sculpted his facial features to give him a sweet smile.

He has wire armatures and he been stuffed him with excelsior and steel shot for a nice huggable feeling.

I have completed Cypress' look with a removeable "dress" that has layers of green wool felt accented will gold and silver bells over red and burgundy wool felt dots.

** I Have Been Adopted **


Ho-Hum is an 18" bunny (not including his ears) He is made to look a little tattered. He has wired ears and sculpted feet. I have stuffed him with excelsior, pellets and poly-fil